To design and build a new MRI scanner that

- costs up to US $5,000
- has higher than 0.1mm spatial resolution
- has a simple form (doesn't include a closed chamber)
- requires very cheap maintenance
- doesn't need special technical skills for its operation
- could be installed in the local clinic (not only in the large hospital) and, in principle, could be mobile
- performs a full body scan in 5 minutes (and head scan within the same time limits)
- sets checking cost on the same level as X-Ray machine
- allows access to the RAW data
- employes both open source and commercial software for data filtering and image analysis

Existing MRI scanners are bulky, very expensive (in both manufacturing and maintenance) and make potentially life saving diagnostics available for a very few (and even for them not on the regular basis).

The software market for MRI CAD (Computer Assisted Diagnostics) is firmly dead, as the scanners are so expensive that no one bothers to buy any software in addition to the programs supplied by the OEM. However, the OEM supplied software is almost useless and physicians are exploiting a tiny fraction of the data available from the MRI scan. Despite all this, the OEM still convince cash trapped hospitals to buy new more expensive MRI scanners.

The MRI scanners market is divided between a very few big OEM, forming a kind of cartel, and there is no real competition for customers.

A goal is to break the market!

Make MRI tests available for all, on regular basis
Allow small manufacturers in different countries to compete with the big vendors
Switch main accent from hardware design to software applications
Open CAD software market for competition

We are open to ideas, suggestions and looking for volunteers and for investments in this project.